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"To become the leader in the provision of quality Christian-based academics, with teaching that is aimed at promoting educational growth, development and progress for the benefit of the young people in South Florida and surrounding areas."

Our Mission

The vision of Sharon School of Excellence (“SSOE”) is a private christian school established to provide a quality education to students from various educational backgrounds in grades K-12.  The SSOE curriculum will not only offer academics aligned with the Sunshine State curriculum frameworks but also place emphasis on life skills, leadership and social awareness.  It is part of our vision to build a brighter future for children of today, meeting the students where they are and providing them with the skills to elevate to the level that they should be academically as well as socially.

Our Vision


Sharon School of Excellence understands that every child is unique and with guidance and support can use their special gift to make a difference in themselves and our world.  Therefore our children are provided with support, safety, positive environment, a variety of opportunities to learn by incorporating the multiple intelligences and learning styles of each and every student.


The overall goal is to create a classroom community of leaders. As a school, it is important that we communicate to not only our students but also the parents, the importance of an education. It is our desire to make sure that our classrooms are conducive to establishing high standards and goals for all children that enter our school by incorporating hands-on and minds-on activities that activate our students’ prior knowledge and engage them in the learning process.


Through the use of innovative personalized teaching, we believe that students will overcome challenges and begin to soar as they gain higher self-esteem and self-confidence, regardless of their style of learning. It is our goal to ensure that students capture the essence of self-discipline, personal pride, strong communication skills, increased academic performance and leadership teamwork. 




We accept the John M. McKay Scholarship Program which allows parents of students with disabilities to choose the best learning environment for their children. The parent of a Florida public school student with an IEP, who is dissatisfied with the student's progress may request a McKay Scholarship to enroll in and attend a private school that better suits the student's needs.  We also accept Step Up for Students Scholarship which provides K-12 education scholarships for qualifying low-income students who are entering kindergarten or first grade OR who attended public school the previous year. The scholarships give low-income parents the opportunity to choose the K-12 private school such as Sharon School of Excellence that best meets their children's needs. 


Sharon School of Excellence (SSOE) was founded in 1997 by Dr. Sherron Parrish and has served thousands of students from grades K-12 including children with learning disabilities.  The program was designed and established to assist children with specific learning disabilities and special needs, as well as other challenges that prevent them from functioning in a regular public shcool environment. 


The philosophy of excluding students with disabilities from public school education can be traced back in legal history to 1893, when the Massachusetts Supreme Court upheld the ex-pulsion of a student solely due to poor academic ability (Smith, 2004; Yell, Rogers, & Rogers, 1998).  Since then the children in need of special education has increased. This is where SSOE plays an integral role by placing current issues and trends in historical perspective in an effort to promote further advancement in the field of special education. With the passage of key special education laws more than 30 years ago, parents and educators celebrated the fact that students with disabilities were granted the right to education. Today, we want to ensure that students with disabilities not only have access to educational services, but that they are entitled to a meaningful education that facilitates learning at all levels and produces measurable outcomes. 




SSOE maintains a high academic standard and instills pure morals in the hearts of the students.  SSOE also has a parent-school partnership development, where both parent and school commit to working together.  There is no doubt that there have been events that have driven the gradual and progressive evolution of special education that can serve as a backdrop to understanding the foundation of the field and its ever- changing nature. However, as a school body, we intend to make further progress to ensure the success of our kids. Despite any obstacles faced, we are determined to keep moving forward. 


Sharon School of Excellence believes that children are our future.  Our success is attributed to ensuring a high academic standard while instilling pure morals in the hearts of the students. We help children develop their own unique potential by providing each student with a Christian Quality Education.  We provide an imaginative curriculum, entrepreneurship and business ethics class, life skills and character education, access to Teacher/Parent Association and high qualitfied teachers and Staff. 


"Making A Difference One Child At A Time"


Sharon School of Excellence is blessed to have within its ranks well-rounded individuals with proven track records in providing an environment of social, economic and spiritual change in the lives of many.  Our instructional staff is equipped with a Bachelor's Degree or 3 years experience.  SSOE staff is always geared up, ready and excited about bringing their expertise, love, patience, knowledge and innovation to our students.


Educator Misconduct Reporting

Non-Discrimination Policy

Professional Code of Conduct

Mandatory Abuse Reporting

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